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Husky 1800mm PNP Special Edition
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Airplane (Discontinued)

Husky 1800mm PNP Special Edition - Overview

Note from Dan:

The feedback we got on our Arrows RC Husky has brought action!

The 1800mm Husky has been extremely popular. Over the summer we were getting reports back from pilots who were hopping them up. They were saying the performance was crazy. But they were having to basically rebuild the plane to handle the performance.

So, we decided to bring out a Special Edition version to make this fun available to everybody. We put in a bigger motor and ESC to handle 5-cell performance. (We know a lot of you don’t have 5-cell LiPo batteries so we are putting them on sale for a limited time.) We installed all metal gear servos to prevent stripping at high speed. Rudders were being torn off in radical maneuvering, so we installed fabric hinging on the rudder.

We thought we should make it distinctive so we changed from a red livery to orange.

This is our first Arrows plane that includes the Arrows Vector stabilizing system. Just hook up a standard 6 channel RX and you can have full stabilization.

We know you’ll like this!

The Husky is a PA-18 inspired, high-winged light utility aircraft which made its first flight in 1986.

Arrows RC has recreated this backcountry workhorse — from rivet lines and body panels to the predictable STOL flight characteristics — without overlooking any detail when creating the Husky 1800mm.

Packed full of attractive features, the Arrows Husky 1800mm is prebuilt with rugged CNC landing gear, oversized balloon tires, and functional flaps for true STOL backcountry operations.

The Husky Special Edition features an alternative trim scheme and upgraded electronics — a 3948 700kV motor, 50A ESC and 23g metal servos.

The Special Edition allows expert pilots to further expand the flight envelope of the Husky — while the fiber-reinforced control rudder ensures precision control at these higher loads.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, the Husky is the ultimate bush plane every pilot needs!


  • Special Edition- 3948 700Kv motor, 50A ESC, 23g metal servos x6
  • Excellent STOL and slow speed performance allowing takeoffs withing 3 meters
  • CNC landing gear absorbs hard landings
  • Ultra durable over-sized tires
  • Scale navigation and landing lights
  • Over-sized battery compartment
  • Screw-together assembly
  • Functional flaps
  • Attractive orange/black trim scheme
  • Made from durable EPO foam

You Will Need

This is a PNP RC plane and requires a radio system, battery, and charger to be complete.

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