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Viper 50mm EDF PNP with Vector Flight Stabilization System
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Viper 50mm EDF PNP with Vector Flight Stabilization System - Overview

Simple is beautiful. Without any landing gear to deal with, the Arrows RC 50mm Viper is lightweight and streamlined—perfect for those with a tight flying field or budget!

To minimize drag, increase flight time and guarantee the Viper's precision flight characteristics, Arrows RC designed a rigid single-piece wing structure and horizontal stabilizer. The lightweight airframe and esceptional aerodyncamics give the Arrows RC 50mm Viper excellent low speed handling and flight time uncharacteristic for small EDF jets of its size.

Power comes courtesy of a 50mm 11 blade fan unit, 2627-4500kV brushless motor and a high performance 30A ESA (with 3A BEC) giving unparalleled speed and sound.

How do you get pinnacle performance on a small budget? Let Arrows RC work its magic with the 50mm Viper!


  • Powerful 2627-4500kV brushless motor.
  • Highly efficient 50mm 11 bladed EDF unit.
  • Reliable, high-performance 30A ESA with 3A BEC.
  • Simple lightweight design for extended flight times.
  • Highly-attractive trim scheme for maximum visibility in the air.
  • Uncompromised performance despite being budget friendly.

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent product!
    I am super impressed with not only the advertised truth to this plane, but also the impressive detail, precision, and overall quality. I will be purchasing my next plane from Arrows/Hobbyzone. You raised the bar for the competition!! And your prices can't be beat!

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  • Nice Power, Agile, Very Stable, It's a Keeper ;-)
    Ground Control RC
    The Viper 50mm EDF Jet has the best power an efficiency on a 3S LIPO that I've flown so far.
    I fly at 5700' ASL so that does effect lift and power and yet this Jet loved the high altitude.
    The stability was rock solid and it performs aerobatic maneuvers with ease.
    My favorite EDF Jet so far so keep them coming ;-)

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