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Husky 1800mm PNP

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Husky 1800mm PNP - Overview

The Husky is a PA-18 inspired, high-winged light utility aircraft which made its first flight in 1986.

Arrows RC has recreated this backcountry workhorse — from rivet lines and body panels to the predictable STOL flight characteristics — without overlooking any detail when creating the Husky 1800mm.

Packed full of attractive features, the Arrows Husky 1800mm is prebuilt with rugged CNC landing gear, oversized balloon tires, and functional flaps for true STOL backcountry operations. A 3541-KV750 motor paired with a 45A ESC gives the aircraft near vertical performance, while the screw-together assembly means the Husky is ready for flight in no time.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, the Husky is the ultimate bush plane every pilot needs!


  • Power system: 3541-750Kv motor, 45A ESC, 17g servos x6
  • Excellent STOL and slow speed performance allowing takeoffs withing 3 meters
  • CNC landing gear absorbs hard landings
  • Ultra durable over-sized tires
  • Scale navigation and landing lights
  • Over-sized battery compartment
  • Screw-together assembly, no glue needed
  • Functional flaps
  • Attractive red and black trim scheme
  • Made from durable EPO foam

You Will Need

This is a PNP RC plane and requires a radio system, battery, and charger to be complete.

Customer Reviews

  • Slow Fly a 10
    Flying turdle
    Preordered got $30.00 off($229.00)Was not happy with power at first,then realized its a GREAT slowflyer.It will still climb straight up & do basic 3d flight.REALLY GOOD PLANE OVERALL

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  • Awesome aircraft
    For the money this plane can’t be beat. It’s in the same size family as the carbon z cub but for 1/2 of the price! Has plenty of power on a 4s battery. Flight characteristics are great, although like any other cub based plane can stall during turns if not enough airflow over the wings on slow speed turns. Only real complaint is the control surface hinges need reinforcement, other than that she’s a tough, beautiful bird that flies wonderfully. Five stars

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