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Pioneer 620mm RTF

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Pioneer 620mm RTF - Overview

Any skill level

Any terrain


Introducing the Arrows RC 620mm Pioneer

Modern beginner pilots are often faced with a daunting task: learning to fly in a limited space without an instructor. For those pilots, Arrows RC has the answer! Introducing the Arrows RC 620mm Pioneer- a micro bush-plane with BIG performance!

As a proper "all-rounder", the Pioneer has a classic high-winged tail-dragger design- allowing for predictable handling characteristics. The pre-installed ESC and flight control system eliminates the need for complicated wiring harnesses and setup.

Switch between stabilized and optimized gyro flight modes and the Pioneer will suit pilots of any skill level. Oversized wheels and robust EPP foam construction allow for rough-field operations- just plug in the battery, let the gyro calibrate and fly!

With all the exciting aircraft Arrows RC is releasing, there's no better way to start than the Arrows RC 620mm Pioneer!


  • Oversized power system: 1608-3000kv brushless motor with 7.4V 350mAh 20C battery
  • Integrated receiver and flight controller with stabilized and optimized flight modes
  • Robust landing gear with balloon tires for rough field operations
  • Programmed from the factory, no setup required
  • Ready to fly package includes everything you need to start flying
  • Robust EPP foam construction
  • High-lift STOL airframe design

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