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BAE Hawk 'Red Arrows' 50mm EDF PNP


ETA: 10/10/2022

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BAE Hawk 'Red Arrows' 50mm EDF PNP - Overview

Simple is beautiful. Without any landing gear to deal with, the Arrows 50mm BAE Hawk is lightweight and streamlined- perfect for those with a tight flying field or budget!

To minimize drag, increase flight time and guarantee the precision flight characteristics of the BAE Hawk, Arrows designed a rigid single-piece wing structure and horizontal stabilizer. The lightweight airframe and exceptional aerodynamics give the 50mm jet excellent low speed handling and flight time – uncharacteristic for small EDF jets of its size.

Power comes courtesy of a 50mm 11-blade fan unit, 2627- 500KV brushless motor and a high performance 30A ESC (with 3A BEC) giving unparalleled speed and sound.

In addition, Arrows takes the details a step further, with a friction-resistant tail fin on the belly of the BAE Hawk and a servo protector on the bottom of the wings to facilitate belly landings.

How do you get pinnacle performance on a small budget? Let Arrows work its magic with the 50mm BAE Hawk!


  • Powerful 2627-4500KV brushless motor.
  • Highly efficient 50mm 11 bladed EDF unit.
  • Reliable, high-performance 30A ESC with 3A BEC.
  • Simple lightweight design for extended flight times.
  • Highly attractive trim scheme for maximum visibility in the air.
  • New anti-corrosive water-based paint for better color and gloss.
  • PNP with Vector system-allowing three flying modes.
  • Uncompromised performance despite being budget friendly!

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