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How to Remove an ESC from a Bigfoot

1. Remove Prop and spinner. (Requires small Phillips head screwdriver to remove screw in center of spinner.)

2. Loosen cowl. (There are two small Phillips head screws left and right of the motor. The cowl will hang from the wire connecting the front Landing light to the esc).

3. Unscrew motor mount from plane. (There are four larger Phillips head screws.)

The Bigfoot motor and motor mount after the cowl is removed.

4. Unplug motor from ESC. (Keep track of which wire connects to which. Many planes connect black to red and red to black!)

The Bigfoot motor and mount assembly after screws holding it to plane are removed.

5. Remove battery hatch.

6. Unplug ESC from the Vector.

The Bigfoot Vector with the throttle wire to the ESC disconnected.

7. Pull XT60 connector to battery compartment.

8. Peel back black double sided tape half way to expose opening in board.

The Bigfoot hook and loop material is peeled back enough to access ESC.

9. Move wires into larger opening. (Motor wires must move first. )

The Bigfoot ESC is carefully maneuvered out.

10. Pull ESC into battery compartment.

The Bigfoot ESC is out!

11. Remove ESC.