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Word got out so we are releasing a few details. More to come...

Arrows Twin 64mm Mikoyan MiG-29 PNP

Performance: Dual 12-bladed 64mm EDFs and dual- 40 amp ESCs provide ample thrust for the Arrows MiG-29. With exhilarating high-speed and vertical performance along with the turbine-like sound characteristics, this plane is at the cutting edge of RC aviation.

Scale Features: Functional LEDs, full flying horizontal stabilizer and full-metal shock-absorbing undercarriage provide functional realism; while a detailed cockpit, panel lines, removable armaments, pilot figure and scale trim scheme allow the aircraft to look like the real thing up close.

For pilots that have mastered the Arrows Marlin and are looking for something in the scale department, the aggressive Mig-29 is not to be missed!